We are an independent roofing supplier of various types of Roof Lights for use with roofing materials. These include Domes, Velux, Lanterns and Sun tunnels for Traditional roofing and GRP, PVC, FAIRS and Polycarbonates for industrial sheeting.

Rooflights use natural resources to provide light into buildings.

Check the suitability of your rooflight choice to maximise daylight and manufacturers recommendation in terms of roof pitch.

Why use Rooflights ?

Good quality daylight is a readily available and sustainable natural energy resource and one which is widely recognised as one of the best ways to improve the happiness and wellbeing of building occupants. They also reduce the need for use of artificial lighting.

What are GRP Rooflights?

GRP stands for glass reinforced polyester (resin). They have unique light diffusing additives which scatter light passing through to provide effective daylighting without hotspots or excessive glare.

Can you match my existing rooflight?

With single skin or composite profiles, it is possible to match your existing profile. There are over 900 different profiles.

What are FAIRS?

FAIRS are Factory Assembled Insulated Rooflight systems. These are factory made to customer order; To achieve particular U-Values they have different make-ups.

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