Batten & Timber
Fully Graded Batten for Roofing

We stock a range of batten and shingles at Watts Roofing Supplies. If the product you request is not listed, feel free to contact us about it and we will do our best to make sure its in stock for your project.


JB Red Batten

JB Red is a high quality roofing batten and the first fully pre-graded batten available to the roofing industry. It is BBA certified.

LGP Supreme Fully Graded Roofing Timber Batten

Compliant with all aspects of BS5534 and colour blue for easy identification, our Diamond Blue timber battens are available in two sizes and the eight standard lengths. All packes contain battens conveniently bundled into tens.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles and shakes are renowned for their insulation qualities, dimensional stability and natural resistance to the elements. Cedar roof shingles contain a natural preservative making them uncommonly durable in their natural state.

Sterling OSB 3

A precision engineered board ideal for structural applications. SterlingOSB3 is BBA approved and available in square edged and T&G formats.

Arris Rail

An Arris Rail is great for use in creating upstands in flat roofing.

Hard Board Drip

Hard Board Drips are used to form a neat edge on torch on and pour and roll felt roof projects.