Incorporated as a family business in 1979, Sahtas is dedicated to producing clay products that exceed the industry's quality expectations and customers.

Sahtas produce a variety of clay roof tiles and clay facing bricks. The Brookhurst collection has a magical touch of granular sand mix added to the premium natural clay as part of their range. Brookhurst tiles offer great value and competitive price with nine different variants and limitless colour variations; these tiles are ideal for large projects.

Moreover, Sahtas offer traditional handmade clay roof tiles, which have
six variants available for selected new build, renovation and restoration projects. The sparse variations of camber, size and texture make this collection a pure unique clay art.

Finally, as part of their range Sahtas also offer unique glazed clay roof tiles. The Sahtas Glazed Tiles are their premium custom-made range and can be supplied in various traditions of sizes and colours. They allow the perfect integration of the roof into its environment, mainly when used to restore historical monuments. Glossy, glazed and matte selections are available to provide an authentic and natural look on your roof. The glazed technique can be applied to every type of roof tile and accessories, which you can select from Sahtas's wide range of products.